7 tips to stop dog begging problem

dog training photoDog is the best companion among all pets. Occasionally a dog may develop a begging issue and become annoying to not only you, but also your friends.

The behavior starts as a subtle begging and, if no action is taken, the behavior can quickly get out of hand.

7  secrets to dog training to stop dog begging problem.

1. Consistent training for good behavior.
Consistent training is very important to ensure that your dog is always well behaved. It is important to train your dog not to beg and retrain them when they beg, and provide a treat if they show good behavior. This can stop a dog begging problem.

2. Avoid feeding your dog from your table.
When you feed your dog from the table with other family members you make them forget the difference between being a dog and being the master. Consequently, every time food is placed on the table the dog comes and start to beg for some and sometimes they will even grab food off the table.

It is important to avoiding feeding your dog from the table so that they can always wait to be fed from its usual place.

3. Avoid feeding your dog from table scraps.
When you feed your dog from the table scraps, you introduce it to food that is not meant for dogs. Additionally, the dog learns that after the family eats there is something for him to eat. By avoiding feeding your dog from table scraps gives him no reason to beg.

4. Stop rewarding the begging activity.
Always avoid rewarding your dog begging problem and this will discourage them from begging in the future. When a dog begs, they expect the owner to give something in return.

However, when a dog begs for something for a long and no feedback, it lacks interest. This tactic can be used to stop a dog begging problem. Do not give your dog food after begging for it.

5. Restrain your dog from accessing the table.
Dogs have a strong sense of smell and they like most of the foods that are taken by human beings. Therefore, they too have an appetite for foods taken by their owners and they naturally find themselves begging from their master’s table.

It is important to ensure that your dog has no access to the table where the rest of the family is having meals.

6. Feed your dog the same time as the rest of the family.Ensure that you feed your dog the same time as the rest of the family members or visitors. This will always keep your dog occupied during meals and will put to an end the begging problem.

7. Ensure your dog is well fed.
dog training photoIn most cases, a dog’s begging problem is a result of underfeeding. If your dog is hungry and there is food on the table it has to beg for some. It is important to ensure that that you are feeding your dog well all the time.

By implementing the above simple tips, it is possible to stop dog begging problems or prevent your dog from developing begging problems. However, it is worth noting that dogs learn through conditioned behavior and this takes some time.

It is important to be patient and consistent while training your dog to stop begging.

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